Meet Ash & Eileen

photo (9)cHi 🙂 We’re Ash and Eileen, and we are telling the stories of our home projects here on our blog. We have no carpentry or design background, yet our passion for making our home more functional and aesthetic has driven us. I create the vision, and Ash makes it our reality.

I remember back when a certain someone started to take the same spinning class as me at the gym. Ash was the only male in the class, as he would take any chance he could to drum up conversation with me. I remember telling him how I wished I could design my own elliptical/bike with customizable features (I was really into working out back then). I couldn’t tell you what those features were, but at the time, I thought it was a great idea. Ash confidently responded with, “I can build that.” I laughed because what could a computer programmer build besides a website?

Who knew that ten years later, we would be married with a sweet little son (and a hairy little dog), and Ash, my tech-savvy husband, would have taught himself how to build literally everything we’ve imagined. It started with a bookshelf for my dozens and dozens of books that hadn’t a home, and it has turned into re-faced kitchen cabinets, tile backsplash, slide-out storage shelves, porch railings… the list goes on and on, but most recently and impressively – a shed! Along the way, we’ve saved tons of money and have enjoyed fixing up our old spaces.

We’re on our second home, and the project list keeps growing. We keep creating and learning and loving it. We hope that our posts inspire you with your home wish-lists too!